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Flick is a place for brands, big and small, to sell products live and in person to customers. We provide a platform that creates highly personal and engaging shoppable video experiences.

Shop your favourite brands LIVE and checkout in the app.

Spark Interaction and Grow Conversions with Livestream Shopping

With Flick, customers don't need to imagine what a product looks like anymore. They can get a live and interactive shopping experience to see the product up close and ask questions in real-time.


Flick Live is the perfect place for businesses, both big and small, to communicate with their customers and offer them products in real-time.

Our innovative platform makes it easy to create an exciting and interactive shopping experience via video.


Flick Live allows users to follow their favourite brands, catch them live, and make secure payments without ever exiting the app.

Plus, you will be notified of upcoming sales and can explore new brands.

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Stay on top of your favourite labels, watch their activities in real time and make secure purchases without exiting the app. Be alerted of any major discounts or explore and discover new brands.

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On Flick, brands of all sizes can create meaningful, one-on-one interactions with their customers by selling their goods in a live, interactive environment.

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