5 Ideas for How to Use Live Video for your Brand

Livestreaming ideas you can easily implement today.

Livestream Tips
Live, online video is a huge industry that’s still seeing massive growth. It’s not just for trendy Gen Z’s though… More and more brands are turning to this exciting medium to engage authentically – and in real-time - with their customers.


With over 57% of marketers livestreaming their content, it’s a no-brainer that brands should really consider this powerful medium in their marketing arsenal. We totally get it - it may seem overwhelming to begin with, but we’ve got a handful of inspirational ideas and guidelines that’ll help set you at ease to start using livestreaming as a viable marketing strategy for your brand.


Why Livestream?

As a medium that lets you interact with potential customers from all over the country (or world), livestreaming can really do wonders at putting you and your brand top-of-mind on social media.


Livestreaming can be a super helpful tool when it comes to growing your community online. Video, and more specifically, live video is the algorithm’s best friend these days: with video taking priority over static imagery or text-only posts, users are therefore much more likely to see your content online. More eyeballs on your livestream could equal more followers and customers (yay!).


We all know that having many followers doesn’t always equal loads of sales. This is where engagement is so important when it comes to showing up online as a brand. Through livestreaming, you give your target audience space to interact with you directly as a brand. As an instantaneous medium, people are much more likely to reach out because they know you’ll respond directly (and quickly!).


Without the function of post-editing available, livestreaming allows you and your brand to be very authentic in front of your customers. This may seem super daunting at first – of course we want to appear polished and professional in front of our clients! But letting go a little of this expectation will allow you to focus more on your core message. Showing up in a real and personable way builds trust with your customers, making them more likely to buy into your business. It’s simple, but so true.


Lastly, using livestreaming in your brand’s marketing strategy is a great way to produce more quality content for social media. By repurposing your recorded livestream, you’ll be able to post valuable content in the future. From short brand intro clips to informative Q&A videos, and tutorials to live product demos or launches, there’s so much good stuff to work with!


Now that you know why livestreaming is a viable marketing option for your brand, let’s look at some livestreaming ideas you can easily implement today.



You have a business that produces a product. But before you can sell it, you have to make it. There are loads of skills involved when making up products. Whether they be clothing items, hair accessories or tasty treats, there are skills needed to make these things that you could teach your audience.


Host a livestream where you or someone in your business completes a task related to the making of a final product. Seeing how things are made is a great way to invite people to engage authentically with your brand.



It was drummed into us as children, but as adults, we sometimes forget. The truth is, sharing really is caring. Sharing can take on many forms. As per the previous point (Do a Tutorial), we can use livestreaming to share a handy tip or skill. Above and beyond this, you could team up with another industry leader and share insights about your businesses. Not only are you sharing notes, but you’ll also be sharing followers and viewers. Grow your viewership and produce some excellent thought-provoking content in the process. Yes, please!


Livestreaming and product demos are a great combo! Showing off your offering can add loads of value to your livestream and help to build intrigue. Conduct your livestream like a tutorial of sorts to show newcomers how your product works and its USPs (Unique Selling Points). It’s a good idea to share advice to people in the livestream chat, answer questions about the product, and show off some handy tips and tricks for it.

Top Tip: Create a dedicated branded hashtag before the event and get your audience to use this for any questions they may have before, or even during the livestream. Doing so will mean that you can easily see and then respond to those requests afterwards. Building brand engagement around a particular product in this way is a total marketing win.



We know that audiences love livestreaming for the raw and real content it can provide. Combining behind-the-scenes footage with livestreaming is therefore a match made in marketing heaven. So often companies are faceless monoliths that do very little to endear us to their custom.


As we’ve mentioned, livestreaming is a great way to break down these barriers and invite viewers right into the action. Show your audience how your product is made, the real people who make it and the process it goes through before it’s bought. People want to know that their money is going to good use: showing off your brand’s human side in this way will make customers trust your business more.



What better way to launch a new product than to get it in front of the people most likely to buy it? It’s safe to say that your loyal customers will be excited to know about a new product launch in your range. Announcing it via a livestream allows your customer base to be a part of the action: they can ask questions and provide that ever-important hype that you need when launching a new product.


Over and above reaching people who already know and love your existing products, livestreaming can offer the opportunity to attract and engage people you didn’t even know were interested. By tuning in on the go on their smartphones, you’ll be surprised at how many potential new customers you can reach if you manage to put together a successful product launch.

Top Tip: Consider rewarding your followers for tuning in to your livestream product launch. Not only will a reward or special deal that is only obtainable through your livestream entice your existing followers to tune in, but it can also work to increase your overall follower count over time.




As an inexpensive and relatively easy-to-use medium, livestreaming should 100% be a part of your brand’s marketing strategy moving forward. Livestreaming is really a win-win all round: it can help you grow your business and still give your customers a glimpse at your brand’s human side.  


Now, go forth and prosper - give FLICK a try today!


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