3 Budget-savvy Ways to Spruce up your Livestream

Simple best practices that you can make use of to ensure your livestream is as slick as possible.

Livestream Tips

Livestreaming is all about showing up authentically in front of your customers. But it’s also super important to remain professional during your event. Doing so will instil trust in your client base, and get them coming back again and again.


There are a few simple best practices that you can make use of to ensure your livestream is as slick as possible.


1 -  Background


Whether you’re a business or a personal brand, it’s crucial to keep your surroundings simple so that you and/or your product have the space to really shine. 

To do so, make sure your background is as mess-free and neutral as possible. Think about setting up an inexpensive backdrop with fabric for example. 


2 -  Lighting


Good lighting is vital when shooting any kind of video content, and livestreaming is no different. Your best friend is good old sunlight! It’s free (yay!) and can work wonders to illuminate your space for livestreaming. Just make sure you achieve the right balance when using sunlight – too much can blow out details and too little will cast unsightly shadows.


Another great way to ensure a polished, professional and much more stable lighting solution is to invest in a ring light that casts an even and diffused light onto the subject. They needn’t break the bank and could be something to consider if you find yourself using more and more livestreaming as part of your broader marketing strategy.


Top Tip: When using natural sunlight as your livestream light source, always opt to position yourself facing the light source. For example, if your space has a window, face the window and position your camera between yourself and the light source/window. That way your face and/or products will be evenly illuminated.


3 -  Tripod


With both a built-in camera and microphone, your smart phone makes for a great livestream recording device. There’s no need to spend heaps of money on tech equipment if you just want to use livestreaming as an authentic way in which to connect with your audience. It could be helpful though to look at getting a tripod to use in tandem with your phone. Ever noticed how tiring it is to hold up your arms?! Imagine doing that for the entire duration of your livestream… No thanks! A tripod will give your livestream a polished and professional look (hooray for no bumpy footage!) plus keep you mobile enough so that you can adequately demo your product/s.


Top Tip: Much like the ring light, a decent entry-level tripod is fairly inexpensive to source. However, if you’re super strapped for cash, worry not! There are a plethora of resources available online on how to DIY phone tripods with various everyday items. Watch this YouTube tutorial for some inspo and try out your own tripod-on-the-cheap!




These are three of the cost-effective ways to spruce up your livestream. Keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months for more of our top tips and tricks to get you selling and livestreaming like a pro.

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